Oracle Outlines Roadmap For Mobile Java

Oracle has finally released out an outline for the roadmap the company plans to take for mobile Java.

The IT giant has faced severe criticism from mobile phone operating system developers, including Google, for not putting enough emphasis on the development of the mobile version of its newly acquired open source technology, Java, tech news site the Register reports.

Google and many others have accused Oracle of not providing a clear roadmap and guidelines for Java Mobile, the technology it acquired from Sun Microsystems.

The software is integrated into handsets and media players that fall between the low and medium range of cost.

While addressing the Open World Java One Conference, the company announced that the upcoming versions of Java ME will offer support for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and will be optimised for processors, ARM7 and ARM9 including engines for WebKit browsers.

"We want the nine million Java developers in the world to never have to chose a different environment to build a great looking UI ever again," Thomas Kurian, senior vice president of Oracle announced at the conference.