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PSGroove hacked into Sixaxis

Sony's latest PlayStation 3 firmware might have removed support for non-approved USB devices in an attempt to stop the PSGroove exploit - but hackers have already got around the block by turning an official Sixaxis controller into a modchip.

The hack, which was developed by user Hasuky on the Spanish-language Elotrolado forums, uses an official Sony PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controller as the basis for a PSGroove USB 'modchip' - smartly bypassing Sony's recently-introduced restrictions on the use of third-party USB devices which were introduced specifically to prevent this kind of behaviour.

Sadly, the mod isn't exactly suited to the non-technical. Based around a 18F2550 programmable interrupt controller, the hack requires some fine soldering on the inside of the Sixaxis - which will most certainly void the warranty, and could result in a non-functioning controller.

If you're willing to give it a go, however, Hasuky describes it as "nothing complicated" for anyone who's used to soldering on printed circuit boards.

It's a clever move, and - unlike other attempts to port the now open-source PSGroove exploit code to pre-made USB devices - means that the exploit should work even on consoles that have been updated to the 3.50 firmware version.