Salesforce Confirms Acquisition Of Activa Live

Salesforce has confirmed the acquisition of business chat start up company Activa Live to boost its customer support services.

According to tech news site Tech Crunch, the customer relationship management software (CRM) developer has acquired Activa Live, a product based on software as a service (Saas) platform to address customer issues through chat.

The Activa Live Chat software will allow the company to check and interact with its customers visiting the website in real-time.

This live chat software has been designed by Activa Live for business purposes to offer improved services and support to clients and help in increasing sales and satisfaction among customers.

The technology, which is also offered as an application on Salesforce’s App Exchange, also allows customer executives to read the messages even before the customer presses enter, giving them enough time to respond with best suitable answer to the query.

The software, which is available on both desktop and browser, is also being used by US-based retail chains including Best Buy and American Apparel.