Sharp Bidding For Top Dog Spot With Galapagos Tablet Duo

Sharp Electronics wanted to illustrate the concept of evolution when it coined its tablet duo, Galapagos, in tribute to Charles Darwin and the Japanese company's offering is different from others on the market for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is the first mainstream electronics company that we know which released a pair of tablets and unlike the likes of the Streak or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, they're merely tablets - for now - rather than smartphones disguised as tablets.

Then there's the fact that their screen resolution is higher than the competition. The 5.5-inch one for example, has a screen resolution of 1024x600, the same as the Apple iPod and 60 per cent more than the Dell Streak.

As for the 10.8-inch model, it is not only bigger than the Apple iPad, but also is the first tablet tablet that we know off that has a HD-ready resolution (1366x800 pixels), that's a whopping 78 per cent more pixels than the Apple iPad, which has a slightly smaller diagonal size.

Then there's the (odd) fact that Sharp has decided to launch a service that relies on DRM but is coupled with Google's Android platform. The e-book store that will power the two platforms will provide an "Automatic Scheduled Delivery Service" which is essentially a platform for fee-paying subscribers.

More than 30,000 newspapers, magazines and ebooks are expected to be available at launch, which is a fraction of what Amazon offers on the Kindle but which should be at least comparable with the iBookstore or Barnes & Noble ebook count.

We still don't know the price of the Galapagos tablets though and we're hoping that they will be available at launch outside Japan; the fact that it supports natively the XMDF ebook format means that it will address a Japanese-audience initially.