Sony Ericsson To Drop Symbian From Future Smartphones

Sony Ericsson has said it has no future of developing handsets based on the Symbian operating system championed by Finnish rival Nokia.

In a statement to Bloomberg Businessweek, Sony Ericsson spokesperson Aldo Liguori confirmed that the company is moving out of the Symbian phase to focus more on Google's Android operating system.

The spokesperson confirmed previous comments made by Sony Ericsson executives in the past few months, as the company tries to follow Motorola or HTC in dishing out Android-based smartphones in order to increase its share of the competitive smartphone market.

Symbian OS, which has a 41 per cent share in the OS market according to Gartner, is loosing support from other smartphone makers in favour of Google's OS.

Nokia had set-up the Symbian Foundation in order to allow mobile phone makers to push Symbian on mid-level mobile phones and high-end devices.

However, Sony Ericsson remains a member of the Symbain Foundation and has added that its inclination towards Android is not exclusive.