Stuxnet Worm Hits Iranian Nuclear Power Plant

The Stuxnet worm, suggested to be the most sophisticated virus ever, has infected Iran's first nuclear power plant, with the purpose of sabotaging the country's power grids and industrial facilities.

According to Iran's official new publication, the virus had infected the computers at the nuclear power plant but had not caused serious damages.

The worm, which first appeared in July and discovered by German security experts, has an extremely sophisticated design and is complex in nature, indicating that the worm has been designed by a nation, such as Israel or the US, to sabotage Iran's nuclear capabilities.

The Stuxnet worm exploits three critical vulnerabilities found on Microsoft's Windows OS, one of which has been patched and infects computer systems running Siemens industry control system software.

According to The AFP, Iranian news agency IRNA reported that Mahmoud Jafari, the project manager at the nuclear plant has said that experts were already trying to remove the virus from the computers and that the virus had not harmed any major systems of the plant.