Twitter Hit By Second Worm In A Week

Twitter was hit by another malicious attack which led to an obscene message automatically being posted from an affected user's Twitter account.

The micro blogging platform has responded by disabling the offending link and is said to be quickly resolving the issue which allowed the worm to spread on the platform.

Users found that their account was posting a message that declared their love for goats, after they clicked on a link which read, 'WTF: '.

When users clicked on the link, they were redirected to a website which used CSRF (cross-site request forgery) technique to fool Twitter into posting the message.

Security firm Sophos explained via blog post: “All the user sees if they visit the link is a blank page, but behind the scenes it has sent messages to Twitter to post from your account. The messages obviously couldn't be sent if you weren't logged into Twitter at the time you clicked on the link.”

One of the more well known Twitter user was celebrity blogger Robert Scoble, who immediately warned his followers about the malicious link when he discovered it.