Why buy a multifunction printer?

We may be communicating more electronically, but printing and imaging are still necessities in business. Whether you're printing letters and internal reports, or scanning images to create glossy marketing materials or hand-outs for your latest sales pitch, it's essential to have the right printing and imaging tools for the job.

Getting the right tools for all those different tasks used to mean cluttering up your office with a variety of devices: a laser printer for business correspondence, an inkjet for colour printing, as well as a photocopier, scanner and fax machine.

All those devices take up valuable space in your office - and the cost of acquiring them can soon mount up. They also require additional maintenance, and each device will require its own consumables - putting extra pressure on your bottom line.

The solution? Get an multifunction printer (MFP). MFPs combine an inkjet or laser printer with a scanner and sometimes a fax machine, enabling you to print, scan, copy and fax from a single device. MFPs usually cost considerably less than buying the various component devices separately, and feature smart designs that save space and help you to work more effectively.

MFPs are designed for smarter working. With an MFP, you'll no longer waste time walking from one machine to another. With an MFP you can, say, scan a document and attach it directly to an email with a single button.

Many MFPs also feature built-in wired and wireless networking, helping you to manage your printing and imaging devices more easily as your business grows.

Whether you choose an inkjet or laser-based device depends on the volume and type of printing you need to do - but modern inkjet technology has improved time-to-first-page substantially, while the latest toner technology, with finer particles, enables laser-based devices to compete with inkjets to print all but the highest-quality photo output.

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