Windows Phone 7 Devices To Go On Sale On October 21st

Microsoft Partners are set to start selling Windows Phone 7 devices from the 21st of October according to sources close to Microsoft; 10 days after the company is expected to officially showcase the series in New York.

Neowin writes that the phone will go on sale in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain on that date but hasn't confirmed whether this will be the case in the US.

Microsoft will also be launching a "major advertising campaign" that will hit a number of well known UK websites and Windows Phone 7 will apparently be teamed with a big "London-based" radio station.

Orange is expected to be the closest ally of Windows Phone 7 during the launch campaign and may appear prominently on adverts and marketing literature.

The other four major mobile phone operators have already confirmed that they will be selling Windows Phone 7 devices.

Another persistent rumour points to the launch date of Windows Phone 7 in the US as being the 8th of November, nearly a month after the New York launch.

Windows Phone 7 will come with two major flaws; it won't support cut and paste and it won't allow tethering even if the mobile phone carriers does.