AMD HD 6000 on time after all

Initial reports of delays on AMD's upcoming HD 6000 series graphics cards have been rejected by graphics cards makers.

An article today on Digitimes stating that sources in the graphics card making business had suggested the release of the Radeon HD 6000 series of GPUs was delayed by around a month, has been put to rest.

THINQ has at least one confirmation that launch plans remain unchanged,and that there will be cards available by late October.

We are inclined to believe the original problem stems from "mass availability" and "first shipments", as some partners and markets get first dibs on merchandise. The delay may refer to mass availability through all AMD board partners, which is not uncommon to both Nvidia and AMD.

On the other hand, Digitimes also claims the pricing on Nvidia Fermi-based cards have been cut and re-cut to push as many boxes off the shelves as possible. However, at least in Britain (and Europe, for that matter), prices on Nvidia cards have remained steady (so who's pocketing the difference, eh?).

A late October launch seems to be the correct assumption, as nothing so far has led us to believe otherwise. If push came to shove, we don't think this would douse expectations much and fanbois will either be waiting for the AMD launch or for the knee-jerk Nvidia price drop.

Although these will be a few nail-biting weeks, consumers end up winning both ways.