AOL sniffing around TechCrunch - report

AOL has been sniffing around the TechCrunch blog with a view to buying it up, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

TechCrunch was started by former lawyer, Michael Arrington in 2005. The blogging network is currently holding a conference it calls Disrupt in San Francisco and there are rumours that a deal will be announced on that stage.

Neither AOL nor Techcrunch is talking about any deal, but since the Journal reckons discussions have been taking place, a deal is likely to be imminent.

AOL has been snaffling up content firms and investing in its own content production after making a bit of a mess of its email business by making it too idiosyncratic. The outfit bought up Engadget in 2005.

AOL's chief executive, Tim Armstrong, recently told an investor conference that the firm was interested in: "tech influencers—things like Engadget, and you're going to see us do more things in that space."

That looks like to have been a big hint that this deal was coming.