Aston Martin Overtakes iPhone As UK's Coolest Brand

Luxury and sports car maker Aston Martin has been voted Britain's coolest brand by survey, reclaiming the top spot from Apple's iPhone, which reached second place.

The survey was done by marker research firm CoolBrands, which conducted a nation wide poll, the results of which were determined by a panel of experts.

Last year, Apple's iPhone successfully dethroned Aston Martin to become the coolest brand in Britain.

Aston Martin sports cars have been famously used by James Bond in a number of films.

However, the popular smartphone has taken a hit, perhaps due to the antennagate issue, which may have paved the way for Aston Martin to reclaim the title.

Meanwhile, Apple's iPod got the number three spot on the coolest brands list followed by Blackberry and Bang & Olufsen in the fourth and fifth position respectively.

Interestingly, Nintendo's Wii was the only gaming console to be featured on the top ten positions of the list, bagging the 7th spot.