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RIM Launches Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion has pulled the wraps from its first non-smartphone product, the Blackberry Playbook, a tablet computer that is set to target business users but which carries a rather playful name.

The device, which was unveiled yesterday at a developers' conference in San Francisco, aims to stem the rising threat of a raft of tablet computers like the Cisco Cius and the Apple iPad, that have started to undermine the stranglehold RIM has had until now on the corporate market.

Presented by Michael Lazaridis as "the world’s first professional tablet", the Playbook will be compatible with stringent corporations and governments requirements and would support Adobe Flash natively.

Interestingly, the 7-inch, 400g tablet is powered by QNX, a RTOS (Real Time Operating System), that powers everything from power stations to tanks and various appliances.

Not much though has been disclosed when it comes to the hardware; we know that it comes with a dual Core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor but we don't know what SoC that is (Tegra maybe?).

This means that it would be able to stream 1080p Full HD video fairly easily. There's also a front facing and rear camera, HDMI connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 1GB RAM, HTML5 support.

There's no 3G version for the time being although the press release does mention that this may happen in the future. RIM hasn't provided with any pricing details but said that the tablet will be launched in the US early 2011.