Cisco Warns Of Zeus Attacks On LinkedIn

Cisco has warned that web scammers have sent out e-mails to LinkedIn users in an attempt to trick into downloading a software to obtain their personal details.

The warning issued by Cisco states that cyber criminals are sending out links to registered LinkedIn members to download some software infected with malicious malware which, once downloaded, will exploit the personal details archived in the PC, to loot their bank accounts, news agency the AFP reports.

Experts at Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations have said that those who are trapped into the trick read a message requesting them to wait for four seconds, and within that short period of time the malware termed as Zeus infects the PC and takes control of the data archived.

"What infected users need to do is back up all of their data and restore the PC to a known-good state, such as restoring it to the factory image. They will also need to change all passwords,” advised Henry Stern, a senior researcher at Cisco.