GAME Hit By Poor Nintendo Sales

UK video game retail chain GAME has reported a massive 40 per cent drop in the sales of Nintendo's Wii and DS gaming consoles.

The announcement comes after the retailer reported a loss of £18.8 million in the first six months.

Nintendo's downfall has heavily benefited rivals Sony and Microsoft, with PlayStation 3 registering an increase of 17 per cent in sales while Xbox 360 sales increased by 16 per cent.

GAME chairman Peter Lewis said: “New motion sensing peripherals from Microsoft and Sony will extend the functionality and appeal of their consoles, particularly when a full range of new software titles becomes available next year.”

However, he also added that full market potential of motion sensing gaming peripherals will be properly realised until after some time.

He said that GAME had high hopes for PS Move and Microsoft Kinect now that the Christmas holiday season was approaching.

GAME will be also banking on popular gaming titles such Halo: Reach, FIFA 11 and Medal of Honour to boost its dwindling revenue.