Google Voice for iPhone gets Apple approval

Apple's new policy on App Store approval has hit a milestone, as the Cupertino company is believed to have waved the Google Voice VoiP App into the iTunes fold without too much of a fuss.

When Apple announced short while ago that it would be relaxing the restrictions on App approval, no-one really thought that Google's telephony app would ever make it onto iOS4 devices.

But when a clutch of third party Apps based on the search giant's APIs started showing up the iTunes Store, people started wondering whether the native Google Voice App, which was the subject of a nasty spat between the two companies after it was initially rejected for replicating existing functionality, would join the fold.

Now it seems that Apple as kissed and made up with Google and, if reports are to believed, the clever telephony App will be appearing in the next week or so.

According to Pocket Lint amongst others, the Google boffins are doing final tweaks to get the software to play properly with the iPhone 4's multitasking functionality and the it will be free calls for all.

Quite how all of this sits with Apple's airtime contract providers remains to be seen, as the availability of free local, national and international calls is bound to have an impact on their bottom lines.

There is, of course, more to Google Voice than free calls, and you can see all of that in the video below.