HP Exec Says Company Still Spending On Innovation

A top executive at Hewlett-Packard (HP) has stated that the company is still focusing on research and development, and is not imitating Apple at all.

One of the most preferred candidate for the post of chief executive officer, Todd Bradley, executive vice president of consumer products department at HP, has stated that the company is not aping the Cupertino-based Apple in taking complete control of its software as well as its hardware divisions, reports the Silicon Republic.

"I don't think we've shied away from investing in innovation, I don't think we've shied away from acquiring where we felt it was strategically important to acquire. Emulating Apple is not part of our strategy,” said Bradley while addressing the Tech Crunch Disrupt conference 2010.

The comments were made in response to IBM’s CEO Sam Palmisano, who criticised HP for not investing in R&D.

Bradley insisted that the company his not emulating Apple in its plans to licence its WebOS to third party developers and will be used in its own hardware products.