iPhone jailbreak will work on Apple TV

The SHAttered exploit, which can already jailbreak the latest iPod Touch, and is expected to do the same for the iPhone 4 in the near future, could also unlock the recently released Apple TV video streaming gadget.

Despite the fact that Apple's diminutive set-top box is only now starting to arrive in the hands of a bunch of early-bird users, a number of hacking communities have announced that the firmware, which has been available for some time on Apple's normal distribution servers, has had its main file system keys decrypted by the SHAtter exploit.

As SHAtter is a bootrom-level exploit, it cannot be circumvented using a firmware fix which will put Apple in the awkward position of having to release upgraded hardware in order to keep the jailbreakers at bay.

Apple has already shown that it is willing to make such a move when it updated the iPhone 3Gs for a similar reason.

The bottom line is, if you want an easily-jailbreakable Apple TV which can be firmware updated through the normal channels, you'd better get in quick before the Cupertino company closes the hole with a hardware fix.

If we didn't know better we'd say it was all an Apple sales ploy!