Kno Unveils Single Panel Tablet For Students

Tech start-up Kno has unveiled a new single panel touch-enabled tablet device at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

Targeted at students, the 14.1 inch tablet device will be launched by the end of this year, with further specs and pricing details to be revealed within the next 4 weeks, company executives said.

Kno had earlier unveiled a dual-screen tablet device, but no release date or even a pricing model has been given out so far.

The device is designed to allow students to surf the internet, take notes, read textbooks and access media content. The tablet will support both touch gestures and stylus input.

Kno is targeting the emerging student e-textbook market at a time when people are purchasing a tablet PC to access media content and read ebooks.

Digital Textbooks contribute to 2-3 per cent of sales in stores affiliated with the National Association of College Stores, which has predicted that e-textbooks will eventually account for 10-15 per cent of sales by 2012.