Leeds University Medical Students To Be Loaned iPhones

The University of Leeds has decided to loan iPhones to its fourth and fifth year medical students who spend most of their time working on the field.

The move is designed to help them access online educational material on the go.

According to the university, it will loan 16 GB iPhone 3GS smartphone devices to its 520 fourth and fifth year students, who spend their final years at the university working in nearby NHS hospitals and health clinics.

The smartphones will come pre-loaded with educational material and apps designed by e-learning service provider MyKnowledgeMap and MedHand.

The apps will allow the students to source relevant medical data while they are on the field and stay in touch with their teachers.

Additionally, the University of Leeds also claims that the iPhone is more hygienic and can be used in a medical ward.

“The iPhones can be kept clean using antiseptic wipes, unlike notepads, loose-leaf folders and textbooks, which could harbour germs, including the so-called hospital superbug MRSA,” it said.