Microsoft gives up on Live Spaces blogging

Microsoft is teaming up with Automattic, owner of the WordPress blogging platform, rather than continuing to persist with its own Live Spaces effort.

Microsoft's director of Windows Live product development, Dharmesh Mehta, confessed that, rather than having Windows Live invest in a competing blogging service, "we decided the best thing we could do for our customers was to give them a great blogging solution through"

Mehta reckoned WordPress is responsible for 8.5 per cent of content on the web, and quite possibly around 50 per cent of the gibberish.

Meanwhile, there are some 30 million people who are actively using Windows Live Spaces, he claimed, many of whom have been eagerly awaiting the next set of new blogging features.

Rather than persist in going its own way, Microsoft has been working with WordPress to build a way of moving "blog posts, comments, and integrated photos right over to WordPress and start taking advantage of all their new features."

"As we looked at customers’ blogging needs and what different companies were providing, we were particularly interested in what WordPress is doing," Mehta, er, blogged. "They have a host of impressive capabilities – from a scalable platform and leading spam protection, to great personalisation and customisation.

If it all works out nicely - or not - Microsoft could always buy the company.