Microsoft Reduces TechNet Subscriber Key Allowance

Microsoft has made some significant changes to its TechNet subscriptions without making any announcement to the users.

The Redmond, Washington-based software giant has secretly revamped its existing TechNet subscription plan by introducing an additional tier to it, reports tech news website Hard OCP.

Under the newly revamped system, Microsoft has imposed two tier system for its users, TechNet Standard and TechNet Professional.

The former is the new subscription tier, which offers its users only two keys per product. Whereas, the already existing tier TechNet Plus has been renamed to TechNet Professional.

The number of keys offered in the second program have been reduced to five from 10, and the company does not entertain any request for additional keys, unlike before.

The new policy was first put to notice by a blogger, Paul Turrot.

Microsoft has responded to the queries regarding policy change, clarifying that the keys are being widely misused for piracy purposes. However, tech journalists have accused the software manufacturer for applying money saving techniques at the expense of its customers.