Microsoft Update Boosts Hotmail Security

Microsoft has revealed a set of new features for its Hotmail e-mail service.

The features have been designed to make it tougher for hackers to gain access to users' accounts.

Microsoft on Monday released new features, including the capability to identify users identity and proof, to update security on Hotmail, preventing everyone’s account from getting hijacked, reports tech news website eWeek.

The first feature is called ‘Trusted PC’, which legitimates a computer for accessing the account.

The second setting is to submit a mobile phone number, which Microsoft will use to send a secret code to reset account settings of a user’s account. Aditionally, hijackers can't lock the account for further abuse, and users can easily reach back to their account by using an alternative e-mail account.

“These updates help protect your password and, in the unlikely event that a hijacker gains access to your account, provide a more secure recovery path to get your account back and kick the hijackers out,” wrote John Scarrow, general manager of Safety services at Microsoft in a company blog.