New Windows Phone 7 Form Factor Accidentally Disclosed?

When Windows Phone 7 devices are launched next month, they will all share the same form factor, commonly known as Chassis 1, that is a large screen with or without a slide out keyboard.

But there's also a second form factor that may be coming out later and Microsoft’s ISV developer evangelist Paul Foster doled out more details about what Chassis 2 will be in an interview with UK tech site, Silicon.

He mentions that smartphones at launch will come with a 800x480 pixels screen size while later models will have a 320x480 pixels Blackberry style handset that can incorporate a QWERTY keyboard on the front, like the BB Curve or the BB Bold.

It is likely that Microsoft is waiting for some feedback from the consumer market before launching a fully-fledged campaign to promote Windows Phone 7 as a business mobile platform capable of competing with Blackberry OS.

Windows Phone 7 will be presented worldwide on the 11th of October with the first handsets shipping out to customers in Europe two weeks later and in the US, early November.