Pixel Qi announces wireless screens

Display specialist Pixel Qi has announced a partnership with Display Solutions to bring its sunlight-readable screens to market as low-power USB connected secondary displays.

As well as planned entries into the tablet market, Pixel Qi is hoping that its transreflective technology - which allows full-colour or high-contrast greyscale images to be viewed in direct sunlight, born out of Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child project - will make a splash in the portable display market, and already has some products in mind.

The deal sees Display Solutions producing ultra-low-power screens based around Pixel Qi's technology - portable 10.1-inch monitors which can be powered entirely from a USB connection thanks to their remarkably low 1.5W power draw.

As well as the USB versions, Display Solutions also plans a set of wireless models based around DisplayLink technology - and even Ethernet-connected versions for the embedded market.

Dr Mary Lou Jepsen, chief executive at Pixel Qi and late of the One Laptop Per Child project, announced that her company is "pleased that Display Solutions has adopted our low-power, use-anywhere screens in a way that will enable many new applications and device types."

The initial product range will be based around Pixel Qi's existing 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 TFT panel, originally designed as a replacement screen for netbooks, which can operate in either colour transreflective or greyscale reflective modes depending upon requirements.

Sadly, there's one key piece of information missing from the announcement - and that's the price. With the do-it-yourself netbook replacement display kit already fetching a premium, the Pixel Qi and Display Solutions partnership is likely to produce some costly initial devices.