Raytheon shows off exoskeleton 2

Raytheon is an American company that manufactures all sorts of weapon systems, working mainly for the US military it has clients all over the world. That said, it makes things that blow other things up… and is usually very effective at it. If you watched the televised show called Gulf War II, you’ll be familiar with their trademark Iraqi-busting product: the Tomahawk missile.

Raytheon, however, has gone down another path in recent years. They have been developing an exoskeleton for military use and even presented a first prototype a while back dubbed the Sarcos XOS. This has now been retired and work progresses on the XOS 2, which Raytheon has now made public with a promo video (they need those R&D dollars) and a celebrity supporting actor from the Iron Man movies (Gregg Clark).

The stunt coincides with the Blu-ray debut of Iron Man 2, in case you’re wondering.

According to Raytheon, the company has managed to cut down power consumption by 50 per cent over the original XOS and this can now easily lift 200+ pounds of weight, several hundred times without any fatigue to the pilot.

Naturally, before prancing around in the battlefield with these exoskeleton sweat pants, this particular tech will see a lot of service with logistics battalions and ordnance crews loading up fighter-bombers for their next bombing run into .

We still prefer Ripley and her loading robot.