RIM Set To Add New Features To BlackBerry OS

Research In Motion (RIM) has added a set of new features to its sixth version of BlackBerry operating system.

The new features are designed to enhance the development environment.

According to PC Magazine RIM revealed details about a business development platform, an Internet development platform, along with a latest analytical feature, which is set to be added to its upcoming version of the BlackBerry OS.

The Canadian smartphone maker announced about the new features while addressing the DevCon Show held in San Francisco.

The company used the stage to make other announcement including an in-application advertisement and payment service, a new social messenger for BlackBerrry, and a PlayBook tablet device.

"RIM has always firmly supported industry standards and believes in embracing the needs of the developer community. We are tremendously excited to see where the developer community will take this initiative and the code that we are presenting,” said Alan Brenner, senior vice president of the BlackBerry division at RIM.

RIM showcased the sixth version of its BlackBerry OS with new media enhancements at the DevCon show.