Shetland Fibre Optic Broadband Project Awarded Funding

A fibre optic broadband network project in the Shetlands has been awarded funds to help connect more and more residents to the new generation broadband.

According to Broadband Watchdog, the European Regional Development FUND (ERDF) has announced a sum of £367,500 for the Shetland Fibre Optic Network project.

The projects aims to connect the Shetland Islands with the recently laid network of fibre optic cable between the Scottish Mainland and the Faroe Islands. The money is a part of total £2.3 million awarded for development in the Islands.

“I am delighted that our European funding programme is supporting more projects in the Highlands and Islands with the potential to enhance local economies and infrastructure,” said Finance minister of Scotland John Swinney, who announced the grant during his visit to the islands.

The department has also announced £350,000 for developing training centres for college students, £500,000 for developing the Gigha ferry service, and £940,000 for constructing a community centre on the Isle of Coll.