Chromium OS squeezed onto iPad

Pouring some additional shine to the iPad's already tantalizing looks, Hexxeh, the chap responsible for your daily dose of Chromium OS builds, has stuck Chromium OS on the Apple tablet.

Hexxeh is a good ol' Mac boy who works on Chromium OS development as well as doing some nifty trick apps for the Mac. He's also someone who knows his hardware so he it seems he's managed to sneak one past Apple.

Of course, the following image may have many Apple zealots foaming at the mouth and breaking into convulsive fits, but it all adds to the fun.

Hexxeh has not explained how he managed this cunning install, but explains that it is working with a few limitations. We know Chromium OS development on ARM is ongoing and considering Apple's iPad uses a Cortex-A8 processor, at the core of its Apple A4 SoC, and a PowerVR GPU, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to get this going.

This is possibly one of the biggest contradictions of having an ARM-based architecture: keeping it locked down to other developers. Much the same way iPhone got an Android injected into it, so did this poor iPad.

Hexxeh keeps an active twitter @Hexxeh, so you can keep track of further announcements. You can find Hexxeh's page with the ChromePad, here.