Five reasons to love wireless printing

Adding a wireless-enabled printer or MFP to your network will give you the freedom to print photos and other documents from anywhere in the workplace.

Wireless networking is more than capable of the kind of speeds you need for even the biggest print jobs – and it works across a range of up to 300ft.

Here are just a few reasons why your business should go wireless:

1. Wireless printing enables you to kiss goodbye to clutter, cutting out some of the cables that are currently snaking their way across your office floor. It's also easier to install - and is protected by the same wired-equivalent security as the rest of your network.

2. You'll no longer need to worry about the length of your printer or network cables. Place your printer or MFP where it’s more convenient for you – and use that extra flexibility to rearrange your office the way you want to.

3. With fewer constraints on your seating plan, you can maximise the space you have available – potentially staving off a move into larger premises.

4. You can also use wireless printing to make your IT budget go further. With wireless printer sharing across the network, you can hook a single printer or MFP up to as many users as you like – cutting down on hardware expenditure, so you can invest in your business.

5. Instead of designating specific machines for access to features like colour printing, you can give access to anyone who needs it. With wireless printing, everyone gets to work more effectively.

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