Google Outlines The Future Of Online Display Ads

Google has outlined the roadmap for how online display ads will be presented in the future, using Google Goggles, YouTube and Teracent technology.

Speaking at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's annual MIXX conference, Google ad executives said that display adverts could be as big as search related or static banner advertisements that have escalated Google's position to be the number one online ad provider.

Google said that its current advertising product strategy involves investing in creating interactive video based ads.

According to Barry Salzman, managing director of media and platforms at Google, fives years down the line 75 per cent of display ads will be social, allowing people to comment on them, share them with friends and even subscribe to them.

The company is also testing an interactive display advertisement format using Google Goggles, which involves people pointing their phone cameras on an object or image and get instant information on it from Google Search.

Google demonstrated how users can point their phone's camera on a movie poster and watch a movie trailer along with other film related information.

Google is also incorporating YouTube into display ads, in which users will be select which adverts they want to watch and advertisers will pay only if their video ads are viewed.