Google Voice App Rumoured To Be Heading To The iPhone

Apple’s iTunes App Store may soon welcome Google’s Voice Application for the iPhone, reports suggest.

Tech news site Tech Crunch has cited sources that have confirmed a Google Voice app has been approved by the Cupertino-based Apple a few weeks ago, and will soon feature in Apple’s App Store.

The sources have claimed that Google’s VoIP application was secretly approved by Apple a few weeks back. However, the internet search giant is taking time to revamp the application to make it compatible with Apple’s recently introduced features on its iPhone 4, including multitasking.

The move has come after Apple, on 9 September, released guidelines for its registered developers, dictating what kind of apps can, and can't, be added to its App Store.

None of the rules applied to Google’s application.

Last year, Apple rejected the same application for its iPhone, citing attempts by Google to copy the iPhone’s dialling capabilities through the app.

The move had invited an investigation from US-based Federal Communications Commission (FCC).