New Nvidia Fermi rumoured

Nvidia is rumoured to be planning the imminent launch of upgraded Fermi boards, to counter AMD's HD 6000 series.

Contrary to the company's claims, Kepler might not be Nvidia's next big product launch - with the rumour circulating that a revamped Fermi is on the way.

According to the as-yet unsubstantiated rumours, Nvidia's next major launch will be an upgrade to its current-generation Fermi chip, designed to cut power draw while maintaining - or even increasing - performance.

The rumoured move comes as rival AMD gets ready to launch its HD 6000 series of graphics cards, and appears designed to keep Nvidia's offerings competitive while it works on the next-generation Kepler chip that it announced during GTC 2010.

Despite claims that AMD's launch would be delayed - which have been denied by hardware partners - it looks like the HD 6000 series will hit shelves towards the end of October, meaning that if Nvidia is truly attempting to take the shine off AMD's new cards it'll have to launch the refreshed Fermi range in the next couple of months.

Nvidia, for its part, could neither confirm nor deny the claims, with a spokesman issuing the usual statement that "we don't comment on any unannounced or rumored products or technologies."

With Kepler not due to hit mass production until "late 2011" according to Jen-Hsung Huang, the rumour certainly has a ring of truth to it - and if it turns out that Nvidia isn't planning upgraded Fermi boards, it could find itself struggling to compete against AMD's latest and greatest.