Nintendo 3DS To Cost More Than The Xbox 360 250GB?

Japanese giant Nintendo has revealed that its 3DS 3D gaming console that will be launched at the end of February next year will cost around £188 in Japan and is likely to cost more when it reaches Europe shortly afterwards.

Nintendo did not say why the portable console which was expected to be launched before Christmas, had been postponed by a few months, therefore missing the all important holidays seasons.

At nearly £200, the 3DS will be a very hard sell especially when the Nintendo DSi can be purchased for as little as £115 (from Amazon).

In comparison, the Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim gaming console costs £189 at Tesco and although it is not portable, they will all be vying for the same gaming budget.

Furthermore, players will have to buy new games in order to experience the thrill of playing in 3D and with more than 70 games available at launch, one can expect Nintendo to bet heavily on games development.

The top half of the console is made up of two LCD screens which are layered one on top of the other with each screen targeting each eye of the user, thereby creating a 3D image without the need of glasses.