Nintendo 3DS Set For February Launch

Nintendo has announced that the highly anticipated 3DS 3D hand-held gaming device will not be launching before February next year.

The Japanese gaming giant was expected to release the device by December 2010, before the start of the holiday season, in order maximise profit from Christmas sales. But a 2011 launch will not give the device sales boost, which Nintendo desperately requires.

Nintendo recently shredded its profit forecast by more than 50 per cent, bringing it down to 90 billion yen ($1 billion).

According to the company, the Nintendo 3DS will be launched in Japan sometime in February next year, with the European and US launches set for March.

The 3DS is designed to allow gamers enjoy 3D games without wearing bulky 3D glasses.

3D technology is being touted as the next big thing in home entertainment, with TV makers like LG and Samsung launching special 3D TVs and Sony announcing support for 3D games on its PlayStation 3 games console.