Radeon HD 6000 launch date confirmed

AMD's Radeon HD 6000 series isn't the biggest thing since sliced bread, but the continuous reports in the press have sparked our inner geek and made us seek out more info from the people in the know.

After disbelieving, just yesterday, the reports on how AMD's HD Radeon 6000-series was delayed, we've managed to speak to another source who gave us some hard info on what is going on.

After having been told everything was on schedule, yesterday, the word today from a particular AIB is that, by mid-October, the press will have been fully briefed on the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 6000 series and during the following week partners will have started shipping cards to stores.

Not all AIBs ship at the same, but the launch date that we were given is ... week of the 18th. Despite our source not being more accurate than that, we can peg it for the 20th as AMD likes making a splash on Wednesdays.

Expect price cuts and a flurry of super-overclocked-FTW Geforce announcements from the opposing camp, around that date.