RIM Blackberry Playbook To Cost $350 Says Analyst

The Blackberry Playbook, RIM's brand new tablet device, is expected to cost around between $300 and $350 according to an analyst at CCS Insight called John Jackson.

In an interview Bloomberg TV, he put forward the suggested retail price which, we suspect, will be for tablets tied to a rate plan. In comparison, the iPhone 4 32GB is on sale in the US with an AT&T rate plan for $299.

Although the Blackberry Playbook doesn't come with 3G connectivity, it is likely to be offered at this price to new and existing Blackberry users who can then pair it with their smartphones seamlessly.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Playbook will probably be priced above the £600 price mark for those looking to buy it but don't want to tie it to any Blackberry infrastructure.

The obvious goal of RIM is to encourage businesses and firms to stick with the expensive Blackberry backend by giving them a (cheap and very attractive) incentive to do so.

The Playbook, despite its playful name, targets a corporate audience and has the highest hardware configuration of all mainstream tablets currently on the market.