RIM Confirms QNX Will Replace Blackberry OS

RIM has confirmed that QNX, the real time operating system that powers the new Playbook device, will replace Blackberry OS across its range of products although no definitive time frame has been laid down.

Intomobile reports that a vice president at RIM acknowledged that QNX core technology would eventually replace Blackberry OS itself, with Blackberry OS 7 being like a "stepping stone to a full switch".

In reality, one can expect RIM to stick to the Blackberry OS name and change the underlying architecture of the OS, just like Apple did when it moved from Mac OS to Unix based Mac OSX.

Blackberry OS 6 has been released at the beginning of August 2010, roughly 14 months after Blackberry OS 5 came to market. Therefore, we are likely to see Blackberry OS 7 towards the end of next year with QNX-based Blackberry OS 8 coming in 2012.

The adoption by RIM of QNX reminds us of the same steps carried out by Apple when it acquired Next and used its operating system, OpenStep, as the heir to the Mac OS platform.

QNX has a wide developer support, impressive media capabilities, a low power footprint and has proven credentials when it comes to performance.