Samsung slapped over bogus HD mobile claim

Mobile phone maker, Samsung has been slapped by the UK ad industry's watchdog over "misleading" claims that its Wave phone is capable of HD video playback.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the Korean electronics giant had misled consumers by claiming its Wave smartphone has "the world's first super AMOLED HD screen".

In a ruling released on Tuesday, the ASA said that consumers would understand the term 'HD' or 'high-definition' to mean either 1,280x720 or 1,920x1,080 - 720p or 1080p - the resolutions used by HD televisions.

The Wave is actually capable of playing back video with a resolution of 1,280x720 - but the screen of the phone itself is only 480x800 pixels.

Samsung defended its claim by pointing out that the Wave's resolution is high for a 3.3-inch screen, saying that HDTV resolutions are not necessary to get extremely clear images and video on a mobile handset.

The ASA threw out Samsung's argument that consumers know HD doesn't mean the same for phones as it does for TVs - which was a strange claim to make, frankly, when it transpires the company itself had been a bit tentative about using the term in the early stages of the script, initially preferring the term 'Hyper-Definition'.

Samsung has withdrawn the use of the term HD from all advertising for the phone.