Sony ups legal fight against USB mods

Sony has redoubled its efforts against USB-based modchip creators, both commercial and open-source, with a new raft of legal documents that fish for information on those responsible.

The legal filings following the release of the PSJailbreak source-code as open-source project PSGroove, and Sony's attempts to block the USB-based devices from bypassing its protections against third-party code running on PlayStation 3 consoles - attempts which were quickly thwarted by the community.

Now it seems that Sony is opting for the legal, rather than technical, hammer in order to get the creation of these devices stopped. Fresh legal documents filed in the US name the PSJailbreak project, as ever, but now have been extended to cover PSGroove, PSFreedom, OpenPSJailbreak, and other projects that create code or devices to bypass the PS3 DRM mechanisms.

According to PSX-Scene user Garyopa, the court documents contain "printouts from various blogs, forums, and sites like PS3News with comments and tutorials people have been writing up on how to use these various programs."

Using the forum and blog postings as evidence, Sony is apparently seeking a court order which will force ISPs and webhosts to disclose the identities of those disseminating the information - which Sony will then use to serve DMCA takedown notices to get the information removed.

Worryingly for those involved, Sony will also have the option to sue individuals involved with the various projects under US copyright law - and as we've seen with prior cases, that can end up being an expensive experience for those found guilty.

The full list of court documents, in handy PDF format, can be found over on the PSX-Scene site.