Twitter Drops @earlybird For Promoted Accounts

Twitter has decided to phase out its @earlybird deal feed to give way to a new paid advertising platform.

The micro blogging website has revealed a new plan to phase out its @earlybird deal service, as the company is ready to launch a new advertising service, termed as Promoted Accounts to enhance its advertising business, Digital Media Wire reports.

The news, which first appeared on tech news site Mashable, suggests that Twitter has decided to discontinue its existing advertising service in favour of Promoted Accounts, at least for now.

"We're taking the learnings from @earlybird, including feedback from users and businesses, and investing that knowledge into our Promoted Products platform to help businesses grow their audience and provide great offers and information to users," said a spokesman for Twitter.

Twitter now exercises three new divisions for its advertising platform, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Tends and Promoted Accounts.

The advertisers will have to pay Twitter to make their adverts appear more frequently on the website.