US Launches Cyber Storm III Response Test

The US government is preparing to mount a simulated cyber attack to test the country's cyber defences.

The simulated cyber attack is a part of US Department of Homeland Security's Cyber Storm III, which will involves thousands of government and industry cyber security experts working together to test the country's defences.

The test is designed to check the National Cyber Incident Response Plan formulated by the Obama administration in order to protect the country from internal and external cyber threats.

The simulated tests will check the preparedness, response time and find ways to enhance information sharing between different government and industry sectors.

U.S. Army General Keith Alexander said in a statement to Reuters: “There is a real probability that in the future, this country will get hit with a destructive attack and we need to be ready for it.”

The Cyber Storm III program tests involve combined efforts from 60 private organisations, 11 US states and 12 foreign countries.