Apple Granted Patent For Telephonic MacBooks

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a total of 17 patents to Apple, two of which indicate at a 3G-enabled MacBook in the future.

The patents in question will allow the consumer electronics giant to create "telephonic MacBooks" capable of supporting a 3G connection and making voice calls.

The first patent, titled 'Antennas for wireless electronic devices', indicates that future MacBooks may come with support for 3G and the upcoming 4G, or LTE, technology. The patent states that cellular telephones calls can be managed via "multiband cellular telephone antenna".

Apple is expected to introduce 3G capabilities on the MacBooks once LTE becomes an industry standard globally, which could take a few years.

The other Apple patent is related to the antenna-carrying assembly technology, which may be already in use in the iPhone.

The other patents issued to Apple are related to the design of the original iPod Touch, and the user interface design for the Nike+iPod and iPhone Calendar applications.