Apple iPad Gets Internet Tethering In iOS 4.2

Apple has enabled internet tethering on its iPad tablet device as part of the iOS 4.2 beta released this week.

Tethering allows users to connect their laptops and other mobile devices to the iPad via USB cable to it to access the Internet.

The internet tethering option was found on an iPad running the latest iOS 4.2 beta on a European wireless carrier.

The feature has not been found on AT&T's iPad, and so its not yet clear whether or not the service will be available in the US.

According to tech news site Device Mag, a Swedish iPad user discovered internet tethering settings under the Cellular Data settings on the iPad.

The setting requires users to enter their APN number, username and password, to ensure regular access to the tethering feature.

Apple wrote on its support page: “To use this feature, your wireless carrier must support Internet tethering. In addition, your iPhone and computer must meet minimum system requirements.”