Apple TV Teardown Reveals 8GB Onboard Storage

A dissection of the Apple TV, Apple's latest gadget, has confirmed our thoughts, that it looks just like its cousins, the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch, only that it doesn't have a screen and doesn't come with a battery.

iFixit carried out its regular teardown exercise and found out more than a passing resemblance with the iPad. Apple TV uses the same Apple A4 chip, 256MB RAM, the same Broadcom Wi-Fi chip, and 8GB onboard flash memory that apparently has the same markings as the one in the iPad.

Interestingly, the Apple TV comes with a power rating of 5.95 watts which iFixit reckons makes if one of the most eco-friendly set-top box of all time with a power consumption equivalent to a fraction of a lamp bulb.

There's also hints that Apple could add a 30-pin dock connector to the network media streamer one day which would allow users to connect their other Apple devices straight to the box and even charge them (although we'd prefer wireless charging).

Add the fact there's an empty spot next to the existing Samsung NAND chip and it's dead easy to guess what the next upgrades to the Apple TV would be.