EU sues UK over Internet privacy

The UK could face a hefty fine from the EU for failing to comply with EU rules on Internet privacy.

The European Commission said it has decided to sue the UK in the European Court of Justice in what it terms an "infringement procedure".

The Eurocrats are persuaded that UK citizens are poorly protected in law against the interception of I traffic.

The move follows an investigation sparked by complaints over the Phorm advertising system which snooped on surfers habits and tried to match advertising to what they got up to online.

The Commission thinks the UK should have an independent watchdog to oversee the manner in which firms intercept people's Internet communications.

EU law requires a user to give consent before any of their Internet communications can be intercepted.

Of course, the EU says it is acting on behalf on UK subjects, just that if the EU is found guilty and fined it'll be those subjects that indirectly pay the fine.