French music industry says oui to Youtube deal

In a heart-warming display of entent cordiale, the French music industry has reached a deal with Youtube over the showing of commercially-made pop videos.

According to news agency Associated Press, the French Industry group SACEM has signed a deal with the video sharing site best known for pianist cats and bollock-busting skateboarders in which artists will receive what probably amounts ot a tiny fraction of a penny every time a video is played.

Details of the deal were not disclosed, but we're more than happy to predict that the vast majority of the cash will be winging its way into the coffers of multi-billion dollar global media companies rather than into the fragrant hands of Vanessa Paradis - who is the only French pop star we could think of.

Is it just us being pernickety, or do you remember a time when music videos were used as an effective promotional tool rather than a way of raking in even more cash?

They'll be asking us to pay for the privilege of watching the adverts on telly next.

C'est la vie.