Google Instant Blacklists Certain Queries

Google Instant promised to shave off seconds by suggesting appropriate search terms before a user finished typing a query, but, the suggested terms do not include certain offensive and strange words.

Active members from Hacker publication 2600 have revealed a list of words that Google has blacklisted from its suggested vocabulary feature in Google Instant, giving way to censorship of certain strangest terms, the Globe and Mail reports.

The Mountain View-based internet search giant has acknowledged its attempt to exclude a set of certain words that may affect young children or sensitive people, however, the move has also prevented the use of terms with ambiguous meanings from the suggestion list.

The list has been compiled from some words that do not exist in Google’s encyclopedia, and don't appear on the Instant feature when searched. The blacklisted words include naked, tentacle and a collection of sexual and racist phrases.

"Google is struggling to prevent the text of offensive searches users have made in the past (there have been other controversies on this subject before) from jumping up in front of you when you're looking for something innocuous," Johanna Wight, spokeswoman for Google told CNN.