iOS App Developers Happier And Richer Than Android Counterparts

A survey has revealed that iOS developers are happier and richer than their Android counterparts.

The survey, which was conducted by IT research firm OpenFirst, compiled the interviews of 110 developers across the Apple and Google mobile platforms.

According to the survey, around half of the iOS developers said they were making more money than they expected, while around of Android developers said they were making less than expected.

The majority of developers questioned preferred Apple's iOS platform to Google's Android mobile OS, while 78 per cent were satisfied with selling there wares on Apple's platform. The survey found that 99 per cent of the developers planned to continue making applications for iOS.

Also, around 28 per cent iOS developers said that they were not happy working with Apple owing to lengthy application approval process, which sometimes ends with rejection without any substantial reason. The absence of adult apps was also a factor.

Google's light and open approach towards application approval on the Android Market place was appreciated by many, but some maintained that it was resulting in low-quality apps entering the platform.