iPad Hacked To Run Chromium

An iPad has been hacked to run Google’s Chromium operating system by a UK-based hacker.

Hexxeh, an established name in the global hacker community for building Chromium-based software programs for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, has uploaded an image on his Twitter account to showcase his successful attempt at hacking the iPad, Product Reviews reports.

The news, which was first reported by tech news website Engadget, has revealed that Hexxeh has managed to install and successfully run the Chromium OS on Apple's tablet device.

Hexxeh broke the news in his personal blog and told gadget lovers to wait for more details of the process. However, in a reply to a tweet, he stated that the process consists of a few catches, which may defer the hopes of all enthusiasts.

“You can’t use it as a normal iPad without a restore sadly though,” he tweeted.